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About English Grammar Pro

Hi there! Thank you for visiting English Grammar Pro! This website was born out of a concern that I felt as the mother of a school-going girl in India. Schools do have good English Grammar books but children need to practice, practice, practice.  Books may not have enough worksheets or exercises for the child to practice and learn. It’s only practice and fun ways of teaching the subject that helps the child to grasp and remember concepts in English Grammar. 

English Grammar Pro is an effort to help you with English Grammar learning and teaching.

Our wise owl sits here to guide and motivate us to create fun lessons and exercises in English Grammar. We also hope to launch grade-specific worksheets soon.

Happy learning! 🙂


Everything you want to learn about Nouns is right here.


Pronouns can be tricky. Here's an easy way to learn them.

Parts of Speech

Here's a fun poem to help you remember the parts of speech.

English Learning Made Fun & Easy!

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